West Thurrock Biomass CHP Plant


Making a positive contribution to the quality of the local environment is one of our top priorities.

The CHP Plant is a renewable solution that will play a major part in meeting our energy needs while reducing overall CO2 emissions.

In order to ensure air quality, the system will be designed with sophisticated air pollution control equipment including a filter and additives that will remove dust emissions and potential acid gases before they are emitted from the system.

The proposed stack has been designed at a height that provides sufficient dispersion of the emissions to the atmosphere to ensure that the facility would have a negligible impact on local air quality. The height of the stack is the same as that for the recently approved Tilbury Green Power facility.

The biomass storage hall would be fully enclosed with doors only opened during deliveries. The building would also be operated under negative air pressure to prevent release of dust. There would be no processing of the waste wood biomass on site.

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