West Thurrock Biomass CHP Plant


We have carried out extensive research into the potential noise impact of the site to inform our proposals, with noise monitoring helping us to understand the background noise in the area.

The monitoring locations were agreed in advance with Thurrock Council Environmental Health Officer.

A detailed computer noise model has been developed to predict the likely noise levels generated by the proposals. This model takes into account noise generated by all elements of the facility, including vehicles moving within the site. This enables predictions to be made of the noise experienced at nearby residential properties.

The proposals have been designed from the start to ensure the impact from noise on our neighbours is as low as possible by:

  • Use of acoustically insulated building materials
  • Positioning noisy elements of plant e.g. Air Cooled Condensers away from sensitive noise receptors
  • Using low noise emission air vent systems
  • Providing a noise attenuation barrier along the northern boundary of the site

The design ensures that the facility complies with the requirements of Thurrock Council’s Environmental Health Officer and would not result in a significant increase in the local noise levels. If successful in gaining planning permission, the facility will be subject to planning conditions in relation to noise and it will be necessary to ensure that the plant operates within limits.

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