West Thurrock Biomass CHP Plant

Our Vision

P&G are looking to develop, improve and invest in their existing site in Thurrock.

They are keen to see the site continue to be modernised, become more ecofriendly and secure the long term future of P&G as a major employer in Thurrock.

This will be achieved by building a new Biomass CHP Plant, which will produce heat and power for the P&G facility by gasifying non-recyclable waste wood. All fuel used at the Biomass CHP Plant will be sourced from local waste wood recyclers.

A Biomass CHP Plant of this size has the potential to produce 120,000 MWhs in electricity per year – enough to supply the P&G facility for the whole year. Any excess electricity generated will be fed back into the national grid.

Building this Biomass CHP Plant will not only create jobs for the local area but also improve the environment. It will also help the sustainability of any future plans for growth on the P&G Thurrock Plant.

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