West Thurrock Biomass CHP Plant


The development would not result in any significant traffic generation. In total there are predicted to be a maximum of 23 HGVs accessing the site each day.

HGV movements would be restricted to 7am to 7pm on Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. During traditional peak hours it is predicted that there would only be 4 HGV movements associated with the development in the morning and no HGV movements during the evening.

It is predicted that the proposed development would not have a material impact on traffic flows within Thurrock.

A Transport Assessment is being undertaken as part of the planning application. This has involved monitoring traffic numbers on the roads that would be used by HGVs accessing the proposed development. The traffic data has then been used to assess the impact of the proposed operation of the facility on local roads.

A construction phase traffic management plan would be implemented to minimise disruption on local roads during the construction period.

In terms of vehicle routing it is proposed that access would be via Wouldham Road. There are existing traffic restrictions limiting HGVs from accessing London Road and these routing restrictions would be complied with by drivers accessing the site.

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